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Dutch Cocoa is proud to be a part of ECOM Group’s network of companies. ECOM was established in Barcelona in 1849 by the Esteve family. Today the company continues to be managed by the family’s 6th generation, with 70 affiliates in 32 countries and principle offices in Switzerland, Mexico, and  the US.



Cotton was the first commodity traded by ECOM. It is still an important product for the group around the world, trading more than 2.5 million bales per year.


Coffee operations started in 1951 and currently run in 23 countries. The company’s operations  include dry and wet mills, decaffeination and soluble coffee plants. Supplying over 700’000 MT per year, ECOM is one of the world’s largest suppliers to the coffee roasters. ECOM is recognized in many coffee producing countries throughout the world as a leader in sustainability projects , often in cooperation with the world’s leading brands.



ECOM Cocoa Division

Dutch Cocoa can count on the support and expertise of a wide network of cocoa companies within the group, both in origin and in consumption countries. ECOM’s Cocoa business started in 1980 and currently consists of operations in 11 countries. The following is a brief introduction to our origin countries:



Zamacom, Ivory Coast was founded in 1999 and now has a staff of 80 people. It sources roughly 70,000-100,000 MT’s per year of cocoa beans. It has continuously driven sustainability initiatives often in cooperation with our main client. As a result over 20000 producers (as of 2011) were certified as RFA and UTZ.


Yaracom, Nigeria was founded in 2005 and supplies over 10,000 MT per year with 3 buying centers. More than 3000 famers have joined the company’s program to be RFA and UTZ certified. In addition, the company pre-finances crop with several millions of dollars, thus guaranteeing a sales outlet for the producers.


Fakoco, Cameroon was founded in 2004 and has since increased volumes by 20-30% annually. The office is an important source of Cameroon cocoa beans which are an import raw material for the production of red color cocoa ingredients at Dutch Cocoa. It also export coffee beans.


PT Tanah Mas Celebes, Indonesia was founded in 2000 and operates no less than 5 offices in Indonesia of which 2 on the island of Sulawesi, 2 on Sumatra and 1 office on Bali. With over 70 dedicated staff, the company is a major source for 40-60000 MT of beans to Asian and European grinders (as of 2011).      


Monpi Cacao, Papua New Guinea was founded in 2007 and sources over 10,000 MT of beans per year. The company is very active in supplying basic raw materials and training to farmers, even in remote regions, to help in improving crop yields.


ECOM South America with separate offices in Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Nicaragua clearly makes ECOM the cocoa company with the most extensive origin operations worldwide.


ECOM Pully, Switzerland sources and markets a major part of ECOM’s West African beans. It is also the centre of expertise on Ghana, Venezuela, Tanzania, Madagascar and many more origins.


AMCO, Mexico is our sister plant. Currently grinding around 30,000 MT per year and growing continuously, it is the leader in the Mexican market and also supplies major USA clients with excellent quality powder and butter.


Atlantic Cocoa, USA our marketing office in New York services clients in North America with both beans and products. Moreover, it sources flavour beans from various Latin American origins, such as Dominican Republic, Venezuela, and Peru.


ECOM Agroindustrial Asia Ltd, Singapore our marketing office in Singapore supplies many Asian clients with Dutch Cocoa products. In addition, it works closely with most of the regional cocoa factories providing them with raw materials.





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